The 2018 Chicago Musky Show Location - Anything But Convenient
By Craig Sandell © 2019

As you may have heard, the "so called Chicago Musky Expo" will be held in a different venue in 2018. I refer to it as the "so called Chicago Musky Expo" because it is actually being held in St. Charles Illinois at Pheasant Run.

Having grown up in the area, I can honestly say that the venue is very nice…But having grown up in the area, I can also say that this will be a nightmare to get to given that it is NOT freeway close and the explosion in the local traffic.

The map of the location demonstrates that it is certainly NOT freeway close. If you are coming from almost anywhere in the Chicago metro area, getting to Pheasant Run is going to be an adventure. Picture a Friday rush hour which usually starts at the same time the show opens. It is going to be bumper to bumper on any of the freeways or tollways just to get to an exit sort of close to the venue.

Once you have exited from the freeway or tollway, you will be assaulted by the local traffic on route 59 or other local traffic trunks as you "baby step" your way to route 64 and then wind your way through endless stop lights to St. Charles and eventually to Pheasant run.

Saturday and Sunday traffic will only marginally be better as you will have to contend with people running weekend errands and those getting to and from Church.

The organizers of this 2018 Chicago Musky Expo obviously gave no thought to the gauntlet of traffic that people attending the show would have to endure.

This new venue location holds the promise of a low attendance turnout for organizers and exhibitors alike.

Chicago Musky Show Follow-up
By Craig Sandell

I attended all 3 days of the Chicago Musky Show in 2018 at Pheasant Run in St. Charles, IL.

I predicted that the new venue would be less than convenient due to its location in St. Charles, IL…I was correct in that prediction.

Friday had the usual line of folks waiting to get in as the show opened but the numbers were less than what I have come to expect from attending other Musky shows. Once the initial rush from the doors opening subsided, the show attendees were sparse until after 5pm. I interviewed some of the folks arriving after 5pm to find out how their drive was. Most of the folks seemed to be from the local area. The folks that came from closer in to Chicago mentioned that the traffic was a real pain in the ass.

Saturday is typically the busy show day but this was not the case for this show. The number of people attending was quite a bit less than expected; according to the exhibitors with whom I talked.

Sunday was also very slow.

Most of the exhibitors mentioned that their sales were down about 15 to 20 percent. The exhibitors were also a bit pissed about their booth space and the narrow aisle ways. The exhibitors paid for booths that were 10 x 10 feet; what they got were booths that were 10 x 8 feet. The narrow aisle ways made it very difficult to get to the exhibitors especially where the large exhibitors had 6 to 10 booth spaces.

The Chicago Musky Show will be at Pheasant Run for 2 more years and it is unlikely that the show will be able to overcome this remote location and questionable management.

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